Monday, September 10, 2007

Gay Marriage

Hi this is Evans2 and Ohlund2 with HCHS News. We are doing a news blog about gay marriage. Gay marriage has been a hot topic for a long time. Just recently, an Iowa court said that it was unconstitutional to prevent gay marriage by legal standards. But it was recently placed on a stay. We have written entries on the opinions of 2 individuals, one who is pro gay marriage and one who is con. Here's what they said:

Ohlund2: Jared, what is your stance on gay marriage?

Jared: Gay marriage should be legal. The reasons are almost pathetically simple. The only actual argument, if you can call it that, is that it's against a few of the hundreds of religions in this world. That argument should be nipped at the bud by these simple words. Separation of church and state, and the state has no business in governing the attraction between two consenting adults.

There are many legal benefits of marriage as well. Hospital visitation rights are one of them. Imagine your special someone gets very sick. You rush to the hospital to see and comfort them, only to be turned away because you weren't a family member or married. All because of some ancient book that was written by people who would kill you for not believing the earth was flat, was put together from random stories compiled together by committee (of which, several sections were taken straight from pagan religions, gods of which became some of the many saints, and some taken straight from Hindu texts. This was done to assist in converting the many "heathen" peoples), and has been used to justify many of the world's greatest crimes and atrocities.

Other arguments I've heard have been absurd things such as leading to human extinction, to harming the "sanctity of marriage" (which has over a 50% divorce rate), and other frighteningly asinine "reasons."

Evans2: Well now I'd like to hear your opinion Robert, what is your opinion on gay marriage?

Robert: My belief that homosexual marriage is wrong is based in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. In Genesis the account of the origins of the earth is given along with the origins of man and woman. When God created man he decided that man needed another person to help him, thus he created woman. When Adam awoke from a deep sleep, which had been induced by God, he stated: "she shall be called woman," not he shall be called woman. With these words the difference between man and woman, boys and girls, was established. Another Bible verse that I recall states that a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, not cleave unto his husband. If you do not believe that the bible is true then another argument is the reproductive system a man and a man cannot produce children to continue the human race, same with two females.

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