Sunday, September 30, 2007

Harvest 2007 is underway

This is Evans2 with HCHS News. This years harvest is underway as we now see tractors and combines out on the roads again. Also, farmers have been hauling grain to the city for harvest as well. My uncle farms land with the help of family members. My dad is one of them. This is an interview with my dad about harvest so far.

Q: How many acres do you help farm?

A: 1600 acres.

Q: When do you start harvesting?

A: This past Wednesday. We will continue for 3-4 more weeks.

Q: What is the current price for corn and beans?

A: The current price for corn is $3.18/bushel. The price of beans is $9.01/bushel.

Q: What equipment do you use for farming?

A: The combine we use is an International Harvester 2166. The tractors we use are a White 4-180, a White 2-180, a White 2-150, and an International Harvester 806 powering the auger which is a Westfield 60ft, 10 in. auger. The wagons we use are a Kinze 800 grain cart and 2 Brent 574 grain wagons.

Q: What is the current average yield of the crop so far?

A: The average yield for the beans so far is 55 bushel/acre. We have not started on the corn.

That is the end of my report. This is Evans2 with HCHS News. Good bye.

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