Sunday, September 30, 2007

Q/A with Ms. Grey and Ms. Sittig for the HCHS play "Juvie"

Inteview done by Hanson2
Directors-Ms. Grey and Ms. Sittig
Q:Do you see anyone becoming an Actor or Actress in the future?
A:MG-There could be some. I'm sometime suprised!
MS-There is a lot of talent in this group! I would say That most of the people in the play could succed if they worked hard!

Q:Do you miss anyone from last year?
A: MG-I don't think about last year. I get involved in the people and the production I'm doing currently.
MS- Ms. Thies :) and certainly others!

Q:Why did you pick this play and what were your choices?
A:MG-I thought it was challenging, flexible, could be creativly done, and I liked the message.

Q:Have you seen anyone improve from last year?
A:MG-It's difficult to compare because the play is so different for the musical.
MS-Sure! I'm also excited about all the new talent we have!

Q:What Are you looking for when people are auditioning?
A:MG-I nedded to be able to hear them and I wanted creative people who could also mime.
MS-1.Can I hear and understand you?
2.Are you believeable?
3.Did you stand out and make the part yours?

Q:Did you have trouble chosing parts or was it fairly easy?
A:MG- This one was fairly easy.
MS-I just had a little input on this one. There were definittel some wlo stood out and could shine in on one or two parts.

Q: How many auditioned?
A: MG-19 or more.

Thank you Ms. Grey and Ms. Sittig. The High school play is Friday November 9 and Saturday November 10 in the High school auditourim.

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