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Homecoming Dance

Hello! This is Danielle2 and Dusten2 reporting for the HCHS Newsblog.

We're here with interviews of eighth graders, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors about their feelings on Homecoming Week along with a slideshow of several pictures from the dance. We promise that had the flash had the equal intensity of five million white suns, we wouldn't have been pressured into putting the camera away and would have taken more pictures. Alas, the public had spoken.

Anyway, on with the interviews.

Eighth Graders:

DH & DK: So, are you looking forward to being at next year's Homecoming?
April: *nods head yes*
Jenny: Yes, of course!
Sarah: Yes! I love to party (in a clean sort of way...)
Jenna: Yes.
Drake: Yeah!
Seth: Heck yes!

DH & DK: What was your favorite theme day down at the Middle School?
April: Decade Day.
Jenny: Nerd Day.
Sarah: ... Favorite Team Day.
Jenna: Red and Black Day.
Drake: Pajama Day.
Seth: Decade Day.

DH & DK: Any days you're looking forward to see next year?
Jenny: Fake Injury Day, you know, dress like how the OTHER team is going to look after the game.
Sarah: Super Hero Day.
Jenna: Animal Day.
Drake: Gangsta Day.
Seth: No School Day sounds like a plan. :)

DH & DK:
Do you have any ideas for Homecoming 2008's theme?
Jenny: Idk... my bff Jill?
Sarah: Circus... ?
Jenna: Disney Characters.
Drake: Anti-Nebraska Huskers.
Seth: 007!!!

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors:

DH & DK: Any ideas for Homecoming weekdays next year?
David: A day that actually goes with the theme. It makes more sense. Oh! And Hawaiian Day was offensive. Not every Hawaiian looks like that, you racists.
Nate: Vietnamese Day. (We THINK he was being sarcastic, but you never really know with Nate...)
Amber: Nerd Day.
Dan: I was diggin' Duct Tape Day.
Chris: Eh hem... Chris Day, where everyone dresses like me, Normal Day, where I get to dress like me, No School Day, Underwear Day, Disco Day, and Dress Like the Opposite Gender Day... but come up with a better name for that one.
Stacy: Clash Day.
CC: Decade Day, again. Opposing School Day, where we wear other school's colors or whatever. Student-Teacher Day... or Toga Day.
Joe: Halo & Star Wars Day for huge nerds, PJ Day MUST STAY! , no Trash Day.

DH & DK: How about a Homecoming theme?
David: Severe Weather, so it matches our mascot. Come on, it makes sense.
Mason: Halo... or Severe Weather. (coincidentally, David happened to whisper something in his ear before he said so.)
Nate: Star Trek!!! No, no, wait... POKEMON!!! (We HOPE he was sarcastic...)
Sara: Chicken! El Pollo; Chicken Fiesta '08. Ha ha.
Cameron: Back In Black.
Amber: Anything BUT Star Wars. This was a really nerdy theme.
Chris: Harry Potter.
CC: Vampire/Goth/Mythical Creatures.
Joe: Halo-themed.

DH & DK: What was your favorite themed day this week?
David: Decade Day.
Sara: Trash Bag Day.
Cameron: Decade Day.
Nate: Pajama Day.
Michael: Red & Black Day.
Amber: Trash Day.
Chris: I didn't dress up for any of them. (Because we think he's a fun-hater)
Mason: Trash Day.
CC: Trash Day.
Joe: Decade Day.

DH & DK: What are your feelings on the Homecoming week choice?
Cameron: What David said.
Sara: I totally voted for it.
Michael: I don't care.
Mason: Guys seemed to like it. But I don't think a lot of girls really did... So I wasn't feeling it.
CC: I hate Star Wars, but I like how excited everyone was about the theme.
Joe: I like Star Wars, but my main man Cave here hated it.

DH & DK: Are you psyched about next year's Homecoming?
Cameron: Oh yeah.
David: Yes, I am. I'm excited to play the game, not in band. I know where my priorities are.
Michael: ... Yeah.
Amber: Sure... why not?!
Chris: I'd be pshyched if I had a date.
Mason: Ab-SOOOOOOOO-Lute-ly.


DH & DK: Was this year's Homecoming an awesome last experience for you?
Nick: Yes.
Brian: Sure.

DH & DK: How do you feel knowing this was your last Homecoming experience?
Nick: It sucks. I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight.
Brian: Excited. (Brian's got a lovely way with words....)

DH & DK: Anything you'd like the underclassmen to know about Homecoming, now that you've had four years of experience?
Nick: Have fun. My freshman year wasn't cool... You gotta dance... You gotta dance....

Homecoming Dance:

DH & DK: Did the Homecoming Dance meet your expectations?
Amber: Ehm, not really.
Bethany: Ha ha, yes.
DH & DK: How do you feel about the music choice?
Amber: It wasnt terrible, but it could've been better. No offense towards the dj's.
DH & DK: Did you get pictures taken? If so, how do you think they will turn out?
Amber: I didn't get pictures taken.
Bethany: It was well chosen.
DH & DK: What are your feelings on the balloons on the floor? Were they more of an exploding hazard or a decoration?
Amber: Um... at the beginning they were decorative, but once we started dancing, they didn't work out so well.
Bethany: A decoration!
DH & DK: Are you looking forward to next year's Homecoming Dance?
Amber: Yeah, and I think I'll go to the entire game next year.
Bethany: Of course.
DH & DK: What about the Sadie Hawkins?
Amber: Heck yes!!!
Bethany: Yep.

So, yes, there you have it. We'd like to say that these answers are not necessarily our opinions. Having Star Wars as a theme this year has definitely opened doors for other... different... themes. Some common answers were Halo and Star Trek. Oh man... We hope you enjoyed the interview and video.

This has been Danielle2 and Dusten for the HCHS Newsblog, signing off.

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