Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hawaiian Day

Aloha friends! This is Justin2, Bryan2, and Grant2 reporting for HCHS News Blog. We had the honor to take pictures of our wanna-be Hawaiian friends and their outfits on Wednesday during homecoming. Enjoy the pictures, and take a look at some of the intriguing questions we asked people...

Did you dress up for Hawaiian Day?
DYLAN: I sure did!
AMY: Yes.
CJ: No.
ALEX: Yes I did.
ALI: No.

If so, what did you wear?
DYLAN: I wore a swimming suit, a Hollister shirt and a lei.
AMY: Grass skirt, flip flops, and leis.
CJ: Nothing because my bikini from last year didn't fit.
CHELSY: A Hawaiian shirt and swimtrunks.
ALEX: I wore a lei.
ALI: I didn't have anything Hawaiian?

Did you think the day was succesful?
DYLAN: Yeah, but it was lame.
AMY: Sure.
CJ: Not really, most dudes didn't dress up but the chicks were lookin' mighty fine.
ALEX: Yes, I thought it was pretty succesful.
ALI: No.

Is there any particular dress-up day you want to see next year?
DYLAN: Duct tape day and trash day only earlier in the week.
AMY: Ah, no.
CJ: Crossdressing day so I can wear my mini-skirt.
CHELSY: Duct tape day again for sure.
ALEX: Nude day.
ALI: Gangster day.

Any last words?
DYLAN: Nope.
CJ: Potato, lightswitch, green, goat.
ALEX: I was just kidding about the nude day...
ALI: That was a crappy interview.

Uh, we'd like to thank Danielle and Dusten for the group interview idea. We don't think it's copywright since they didn't copywright it, eh? So this is Grant2, Bryan2, and Justin2 signing off from HCHS News Blog. Good day.

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