Friday, September 7, 2007

Larsen Predicts Victory Over Monarchs

This is Nick Hughes and Anthony Lefeber for HCHS News. Were here with one of the premeir senior defensive backs for this years football team. would you introduce your self and tells a little bit about yourself. "Sure, my name is Lucas Larsen and im a senior defensive back for the Harlan Cyclones. I have been participating in football since i was in seventh grade. This is the first year i have had the opportunity to start so Im going to have to prove my self to Coach Carstens." Thank you. Just a couple of quick questions for you about the upcoming game tonight. First off, do you think being a senior gives you sort of the role model immpression on some of the younger players? "Absolutly, I think all the seniors should be setting a positive example and giving the younger athletes a positive role model to look up to." Also do you think if players get into trouble lets say, with law inforcement, do you think there should be some sort of suspension put into effect? "Thats a good question. Yes, i think there should be a suspension but obviously the severity would depend on the extent of the crime or what ever the person did." Well thank Lucas now Anthony is going to ask you a few questions. Hello Lucas, what is your prediction on the outcome of this season? "State Championship!" You seem pretty confident in saying that. "Its not that im confident, Its just the coaches have came to expect the best out of the players and its kind of rubbed off on me." Some people call Harlan cocky and big headed, would you agree? "Well, i wouldnt say cocky. I would say, high expectations. I mean when you have won eleven state championships, yes you can become a little cocky. But we work hard, play hard, and at the end of the day, we win. How many other teams do you know that can boast a 49 game win streak?" Well thats a good point. Well we thank you for your time Lucas and wish you the best of luck this season. This is Anthony Lefeber and Nick Hughes signing off

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