Friday, September 7, 2007

Mr. Cundy to the Rescue!

We have a new math teacher in the building. Mr. Robbie Cundy is a new teacher at HCHS, and we got the first inside scoop. Gabby and I sat down with him and had a brief 5 minute conversation. We asked him to tell us about his background and why he came to Harlan to teach. He was born in Madison, South Dakota, where he lived out in the country.Mr. Cundy attended Northwest College in Orange City. At first he did not know what he wanted to do with his life until he was about one semester in. That's when he decided to major in mathematics. Mr. Cundy decided on this because he loved the challenge math brought. He student taught at Sioux Center last spring. We asked him why did he decided to go on to teach Algebra 1. He replied,"It was a great place to start." This way he can use not only his math skills, but practice his teaching skills as well. He chose to teach in Harlan because it was a place where both him and his wife, Emily, could get a job. Mrs. Cundy is a teacher at the elementary school. Mr. Cundy's favorite color is orange. He likes to listen to music, especially D.C. Talk, a christian rock group. Again, Mr. Cundy became a math teacher because he liked the challenge and thankfully for us, he and his wife decided to come and live in Harlan, Iowa. This has been Gabby7 and Sarah7 for HCHS NewsBlog.

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