Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last winter

Hello my name is Kody1 from HCHS news and i'm here with my big brother shawn.

Q:What do u think about last winter?

A:Well it was very devastating because I kept getting stuck in the 4ft snow we had.

Q:How big of drifts did u say we had?

A:There was one behind our barn which looked about 15-20ft deep and our back yard looked like a frozen tsunami!

Q:How many cars did dad have to pull out of our driveway?

A:All of them including mine dads plow moms van the tractor and the nissan pathfinder our driveway was about 5ft deep with snow and was so dense we could'nt even plow through it.

Q:What did u do on your off time because you could'nt get to work?

A:We went hunting and had fun plowing through snow drifts so big you coul'nt see the other side of the road. Dad just kicked it into 4's and sped off.

Q:Did you get anything?

A:Yes a couple of squirrels and an adrenaline rush!

Q:So what will you do if there is another big winter like last years?

A:Looking at the bright side putting aside all of the shoveling and plowing I get to hunt more and no work!

There you have it if it snows like last year you get a free vacation. This is Kody1 Interveiwing Mr. Kline on what he thought of last winter and the one to come and until next time this is kody1 for hchsnews.

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