Friday, September 28, 2007

LCD, bring on some mtv?

Hello, and welcome to my first ever newsblog. I am here today with Mr. Wagner, and he is here to help clarify some details of the new LCD screen currently placed in the school commons area. We will be covering some channel changing rules and T.V. consumption during the study hall periods.

Hello Mr. Wagner,I am here to ask you a few questions, and they are about the brand new LG LCD screen placed in the cafeteria. Are you ready?

Mr. Wagner: Fire away, Mr. Frum.

Q: The first question I'm going to ask you is the question of the hour, Why exactly is there a new television in the lunchroom?

A: Ok, two big reasons
1. Announcement platform - through out the day there will be a current showing of all the activities and events that are current or upcoming. Some people who oppose it say that we don't need it because of the intercom. The intercom system is a problem because in some areas it is too loud and in some areas it is too quiet and ineffective
2. FUN!!!- School shouldnt have to be thought of as, UGH I hate school, especially study hall because all my homework is done and there is nothing to do. Well, with the new installment we are hoping to give options to the students.

Q: Do you think that during study hall some of the students may be giving up on their homework and not studying to watch it?

A: During study halls the T.V. shouldn't be watched by anyone until their homework is done. This was one of the questions brought up in the decision of putting this up. We are attempting to come up with a plan for study hall where all students may have to prove that their school work is done. Obviosly the thought of everyone, always having their work done is quite unlikly but we are hoping.

Q: There are some programs on T.V. nowadays that some parents may not approve of, Are you doing anything to help prevent this or these programs from being viewed?

A: NO ONE will be allowed to change channels unless it is an adult or if the adult can't reach the screen. Starting next week only a few channels will be allowed. (ESPN, CNN etc.) We are hoping students can abide by these rules or punishment will follow- revoking of T.V. rights.

Q: The television looks quite expensive. Are you worried about any damages to the screen?

A: Well that is a very good question because it was also brought up in the decision making process. Um, yes we are very concerned because we would like to think we can trust our students. The T.V. will be taken down if abuse occurs. We also have cameras placed so we will be able to catch any vandalism to the T.V.

Q: Will there be any other LCD screens placed throughout the building in the near future?

A: We will see how this one goes, If it is affective in announcements, then we may consider more placements throughout the building.

Me: That is all that I have for now. Thank you, Mr. Wagner, for your time to give me this interview.

Mr. Wagner: Thank you, Mr. Frum, hopefully this will go well, and maybe this will get the point to the students.

Below are a few pictures of the new screen. The one picture is of the old announcement platform(intercom) Thank you for for reading this very important message - Jordanf1 out

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