Thursday, September 6, 2007

Meet Miss Martin

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Hello! This is Danielle2 and Dusten2 reporting not-live for the HCHS News Blog. Miss Martin is one of the few new teachers here at HCHS. When we asked her for an interview, she cowered in fear but with long and brutal torture she eventually-- err, I mean she said yes. And only yes. That's all you need to know about that. Seeing as how Miss Martin is new, Dusten2 and Danielle2 (being the kind and generous young ladies they are) decided to interview the young woman. So here's goes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy meeting Miss Martin.

Dusten2 and Danielle2: How much experience did you have before you began work at HCHS?
Miss Martin: I've taught for six and a half years so far.

Dusten2 (DK) and Danielle2 (DH): What do you think of Harlan's totally dominant athletic/music/academic departments?
Miss Martin: I'm very proud.

DH & DK: So why did you come to teach at HCHS?
MM: I was anxious to get back to Iowa and I heard nothing but great things about Harlan.

DH & DK: Are you having a totally awesome time here in Harlan?
MM: I'm lovin' it here! So far yes... many positive experiences.

DH & DK: Who are your BFF teachers here at HCHS?
MM: (Idk... my bff Jill? Not really... We just had to throw that in there.) Ms. Ickes and Ms. Sittig for showing me the ropes and everything.

DH & DK: Where did you go to college?
MM: I got my Undergrad at UNI (University of Northern Iowa) and my Masters at Wayne State.

DH & DK: Where did you go to school when you were a little Miss Martin?
MM: I graduated from West Central High (very gangster) in Fayette (Northeast Iowa).

DH & DK: You're currently coaching the Middle School cheerleaders. How much experience do you have coaching cheerleading?
MM: 4 ½ years

DH & DK: How is cheerleading going?
MM: So far so good, just started practice…I'm very optimistic.

DH: My sister is in Cheerleading. Will you whip her into shape? (We all know she needs it.... Just kidding.)
MM: Yes! She’ll learn many techniques.

DH: Show her no mercy.
DK: Have you ever visited any Spanish speaking countries?
MM: Yes! I've been to Mexico three times, Spain three times, and Costa Rica once.

DH & DK: Would you be willing to accompany me on a trip to Spain under the disguise of a Spanish 2 Project?
MM: YES!!! Maybe we'll get a Spanish Club started in a couple years.

DH & DK: You're our new best friend!!!

DH & DK: So where are you living now?
MM: In Harlan. (She wouldn't give us any more information because, apparently, she had many stalkers and multiple "drive-by-innappropriate-exposure-incidents" Ha ha.)

DH & DK: Did you always want to be a teacher?
MM: Yes! Grandma and two of my aunts are teachers. I've heard a lot of stories.

DH & DK: What are your goals for Spanish this year?
MM: Get all of the students to pass. I hope they will desire to continue in Spanish.

So there you have it. Now that you know all there is to know about Miss Martin, maybe you should corner her in the hallway someday, and really creep her out. Your little stalker inside of you would be proud. This has been Dustin2 and Danielle2 of the HCHS News Blog, signing off.


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