Thursday, September 6, 2007

Freshman Football Update

Hello, this is Bryan Lucke for HCHS News, along with Grant Richardson, and Justin Mills. I will be head conducting an interview with freshman football center Dustin Muell, along with his teammates Grant and Justin. So here it goes...

Bryan: After your first loss against Denison last friday, will the freshman team be ready to come back this Friday and beat Sioux City Heelan?

Dustin Muell (DM): Yes, we should be. This week we've been going at it hard in practice. Heelan is waiting for us, and they want to revenge their big loss last year.

Bryan: Have Coach Leinen and Coach Murtaugh been working for a comeback after the first game loss?

Grant Richardson (GR): Oh yeah. Tuesday and Wednesday we just ran a ton of sprints to get our conditioning back up to where it needs to be.

Bryan: Well, that's good. Is the team ready to bounce back from Denison? Have any changes been made?

Justin Mills (JM): Our personnell has been mixed up a little bit, changing some people around. Our offensive line is playing with a chip on their shoulder, and they're going to be ready come Friday.

Bryan: How about anything else? Anything special you got going for Heelan?

DM: We're going to just go at it. Murtaugh said it's war now.

JM: Coach Murtaugh has been getting the D ready for Heelan's offense, and Coach Leinen has thrown in some new plays and changed some things up to take advantage of Heelan's D.

Bryan: Dustin, I see you start at center. How has the O-line prepared itself for Heelan's defensive front?

DM: We needed to work on some of our blocking techniques and schemes. We also worked on count settings.

GR: This week we're going to give Derek Schwartz, our quarterback, more time in the pocket. We hopefully can get the run established, and open up the pass.

JM: Yeah, there's nothing better than when your line is at its best.

Bryan: Well, thanks guys. Good luck against Sioux City Friday. Hopefully you guys bring home a win. This is Bryan Lucke, along with my partners Grant Richardson, and Justin Mills, signing off from HCHS News, Freshman Football Updates. Pictures coming soon.

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