Monday, September 17, 2007

Plane Crash in Thailand Leaves 88 Dead

On Sunday September 15, an airliner on its way into Phucket International Airport suddenly crashed killing many people. As the plane approached for landing when it slid off the rain soaked, wind-swept runway. The plane burst into flames and crashed into a nearby hill side killing 88 people. Of the 130 passengers on board, only 40 survived. All that was left was a twisted, mangled, and shredded part of the fuselage.
Survivors were left to wonder how their vacation of of fun and laughter turned into sheer horror as few escaped with their lives. Investigators have recovered the planes flight data recorder and are trying to figure out just what went wrong. Deputy Transportation Minister Sansern Wongchaum says the recorder will help uncover what happened but will take over a week for the results to come back. Relatives arrive in the Thai resort town of Phuket to try and identify the remains of their loved ones
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