Monday, September 17, 2007

Westphalia Fire Fighter

Saturday, September 8, 2007
Westphalia firefighter
For this entry, I chose to interview my step dad Tony Goetz and what it takes to be a first reponder and a firefighter. First of all you have to take a 60 hour training course so you know what to do in a medical emergency. In order to maintain your skills as a first responder, you have to have a 16 hour refresher course so you will know what to do within a blink of an eye. You also have to be CPR certified so if somebody isn't breathing you can revive them. My step dad Tony started his training in 1991 and is still a member today. He decided to get involved and help the community after his mom pasted away a few years before. He is also a firefighter, that means you have to take a class called "Firefighter 1" after you past the test you can become an official firefighter. The test prepares you for common situations like, hazardous materials that could do harm to everybody. They are also taught how to tie nots, fight and determine were the fire is so that they know the best way to stop the fire berfore the most damage could be done. One of the most important things a firefighter and a first responder has to do is keep the work area, there tools clean, and organized so when they need to use them they know were they are and that they will work properly when they need to use them. By:mages1

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