Thursday, September 6, 2007

Q & A with FFA

Hello and this Lucas havick telling you that this year in FFA, is going to be really super cool. If you don’t know anything about FFA here is something about it. FFA is an organization about agriculture and how people can do there part to get involved with it. Also if you are wondering well what do you really do in FFA. We sat down with FFA Members Mitch Anderson and David Siebert.

Lucas: so a mitch I was wondering what sort of event are really going to happen this year in FFA.

Mitch: Well in a few couple of weeks we will be heading to the trapshoot just as we do every year. Also we will be having the FFA banquet which usually has great entrtainment.

Lucas: What do you have to do have to do to go on this canada trip I hear about.

Mitch: You have to get points by participating in FFA events 3000 points are needed.

Lucas: In the FFA chapter who are the leaders and what is your take on them.

Mitch: The leaders are Mr. lienen and Mrs. Elemquest and they are good leaders and everyone really respects them.

Lucas: What sort of things go on at the meetings.

Mitch: in the meetings we talk about ag related subjects and the upcoming events.

Lucas:David Siebert Why would somone want to be in FFA.

David: If you really enjoy outdoors events you'll love FFA and you get to have lots of fun with all the other members.

Lucas: Do you have to be a farmer to be in FFA

David: no, because i have very little exprense on a Farm and i enjoy the great program.

Lucas: Are there any requirments to be in FFA.

David: yes, you have to be in an Agricultutre class and have to be able to memerise the FFA creed.

Lucas: What is it like being a new FFA member.

David: there is alot of challenges and the older members sometime rip on me.

Lucas: so FFA is going to be a great program this year.

David: Yes, the progam is going to be strong and its going to really fun with all the new members.

Well there u have it true words spoken by true people
This blog was done by brent pitkin, Lucas havick, & Kyle W. (sorry kyle i don't know how to spell your last name).

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