Monday, April 13, 2009

HCHS Boy's Tennis Improve to 3-1 With Win Over Denison

KNOD Radio Report:

The HCHS boy's tennis team improved to 3-1 on the season by defeating the Denison Monarchs 6-3 on Monday, April 13. The Cyclones had the meet won after the singles competition by winning five out of six singles matches. Highlights of the meet saw #4 singles player Nate Ohms remain undefeated in singles play and #3 singles player Nate Pattee come back to win after being down 2-7.

"It is always a nice feeling to have won the meet after singles", Coach Chad Bruns said. "However, sometimes that allows the team to let down a little bit and that might be what happened in doubles. We lost two out of three doubles which is is frustrating as our doubles had played very well all year."

"This was a great win for us against a team we have not beaten for quite a few years. We won 6-3 but the meet had a lot of close matches that could have gone either way", Bruns added. "Winning close matches builds confidence and I hope to have everyone continue to improve their game each match they play".

"I am also really proud of our JV guys. They continue to play very well and improve their games as well. Overall, I am very pleased with how our entire team is improving, " Bruns said.

Varsity Scores(3-1 on the season)--We won 6-3 over Denison(Harlan players on the left)

#1 Singles Ryan Andersen lwon 8-4 over Jacob Heiden

#2 Singles Mitch Gross won 8-6 over Nick Ingram

#3 Singles Nate Pattee won 9-7 over Conrad Heiden

#4 Singles Nate Ohms won 8-5 over Andrew Hrabik

#5 Singles Jacob Harmon won 8-3 over Joel Aurand

#6 Singles Willie Henrich lost 6-8 to Ryan Petersen

#1 Doubles Ryan Andersen/Nate Pattee lost 4-8 to Ingram/C. Heiden

#2 Doubles Mitch Gross/Nate Ohms won 8-6 over J. Heiden/Aurand

#3 Doubles Jacob Harmon/Willie Henrich lost 5-8 Hrabik/Petersen

JV Scores(4-0 on the season)--JV won 10-2 (Harlan players on the left)

JV Singles:

#7 Dan Ohms lost 2-6 to Wimmer

#8 Brandon Weis won 6-1 over Miller

#9 Jon Kaufman won 6-0 over Thede

#10 Rodney Bengford won 6-3 over Goodwin

#11 Nick Petsche won 6-1 over Moran

#12 Zach Lefeber won 6-3 over Deiber

#13 Ryan Henrich won 6-1 over Ipsen

#14 Vinnie Reeves lost 0-6 to Bremser

#13 Ryan Henrich won 6-1 over Nick Hermanson

#14 Vinnie Reeves lost 1-6 to Henry Black

JV Doubles:

Dan Ohms/Jon Kaufman won 7-5 over Wimmer/Thede

Rodney Bengford/Vinnie Reeves won 6-3 over Goodwin/Bremser

Brandon Weis/Nick Petsche won 6-0 over Miller/Moran

Ryan Henrich/Zach Lefeber won 6-3 over Wingert/Wolf

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