Saturday, September 19, 2009

Senior Graduation Test

Senior Graduation Test?
Or should we say, Junior Graduation test? Either way it turns out being that in the state of Georgia and most currently in the state of Minnesota, the high schools are now required to give a written test in order for their students to be able to graduate. Now I know that you are probably looking at this going, “Georgia and Minnesota, yeah, sure, like it’s gonna be here!”, but what you might not know is that it has been mentioned to the Iowa Supreme Court.

The test consists of the standard Math, Science, History, and English proportions and is given to juniors in the spring. If they are not passed then, the student can retake the test each season of their junior and senior year until they pass. Now, a student can be eligible for a waiver being that they meet the specific criteria of scoring a 500 or above on the requisite. Upon entering high school, students are informed of the test requirements they need to meet their graduation eligibility by their senior year. This information is considered an “adequate notice” of the information needed to know before students take their standardized tests. The graduation test is scored from 400 – 600 with 600 being a perfect score.

In conclusion, the graduation test will be a very interesting and different approach to graduation. Being without one now, I would say we are fine the way we are, but there might be some individuals out there that would like to see a new change or like a new challenge for graduating. So you be the judge, and ask yourself. Do you see benefits in the test, or is it just a big downfall?

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