Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sports and Test Scores/Aaron Sondag

As we all know Harlan Community is a very well respected school for sports, but what most people dont know is that we are also one of the highest ranking schools in Iowa for test scores. Iowa is also in the top five of the states in the US for test scores. Many students who excel on the fields and courts also excel in the classrooms. Take Micheal and Mary Kuafmann both are in sports and have been starters for a few years now in those sports, but they also dominate the class room scores with GPA's that make them stand out from the rest of the students. Both have also scored very high on the ACT when they took it their sophmore year. Another individual is Luke Lansman who just last year scored a very impresive 35 overall score on his ACT and is also a star in sports. It's no doubt that Harlan has had very high expectations in sports, but to also have them in state and national test scores from the very same people who star in the sports that Harlan provides is a very excellent feat indeed. Not only has our test scores and sports been improving, but also band and vocal have now been getting in the top of Iowa's best schools and showing that we are not just a school for sports but many other activities. Every year we get new students in our schools and they always bring in new talents to the Harlan Community School district, and that will not change for a very long time.

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