Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Picking a college, Fun or not? - By Jake

For some people this may be really easy but, for others it can be really stressful. Picking a college takes time for some people that don’t really know what they want to do. For some people it can be really easy, for an example, Matt Hoch is going to play football for The University of Iowa, So I guess if you are really good at sports its easier for you then some people. Others might have really bright minds and have done good on the ACT’s, that will really help you on your college selection.
The first step I took was to talk to Mr. Angel in the guidance office. I told him what I was all interested in doing for a career. He gave me a bunch of options for many different colleges to fit my career needs.
After I got it all narrowed down to what I was looking for I came up with a community college called Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Mr. Angel set up a college visit for me so, I could get a good look at the campus and see if it was for me.
I went to the visit with a friend to make it easier. We got up the and every one was really nice. The campus was nice all so. It is all up to date with new buildings, apartments, and much much more. We got a one on one tour with the directors of or fields. I went up their to look at the Turf-Management program they had to offer. It requires a lot of hands on work in the outdoors. He told me that I would learn how to maintain the grounds of golf courses, parks, recreation areas, and even get to work at the campus maintaining it too. They told me they would help find me a find an internship in the spring and summer. I learned a lot from the college visit and am thinking about going to Kirkwood next Fall.
So if you want to visit some colleges, talk to Mr. Angel he will put you on the right track to finding the best college that fits your wants and career needs. There are about 4,146 colleges in the U.S. alone in sure he can find the right one for you!

-Jesse Petersen said, ‘I had a lot of fun going to the Kirkwood college visit that Mr. Angel had set up for me.’ ‘My favorite part was going up the night before and staying in the apartments for the real feel of college life.’

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