Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Victory Christian School

Every child goes into school with the highest of expectations. That from here on they now get to make choices and get the opportunity to make new friends. Children have the chance for people in the community to notice their academic acceleration and watch as their abilities begin to blossom. Victory Christian School is looking to do just that and then some more.
Victory Christian School seems to be causing the quite the ca motion in the surrounding areas.Little are people aware that VCS is a way not only for students to get a good education but also for the children to grow spiritually. Abundant Life Church in Harlan Iowa worked very hard for the school to get started. Headed up by Pastors Jeff and Rebecca Erlemeier the school offers classes to pre-school through twelfth grade students. With a four to one teacher student ratio the students are getting all the attention they deserve and need. VCS has all the basic classes offered and a few more. They have a total of sixteen students enrolled and next year is looking promising to have even more. The community seems to think differently though.
Some in the community have the opinion that VCS is "cheating" students out of a proper education because they are not yet accredited. VCS is well on its way to being there though. With licenced teachers and top of the line education programs the students are accelerating at a fast speed. Students who are in third grade could be in fourth by the end of the year if they are grasping what they are being taught fast enough. Of course the students must truly be ready to move on to be moved up. Also at the beginning of everyday the children get a half an hour to just to pray and have time to sing Christian songs. The children are basically given a chance to leave behind whatever difficulties they may be having and focus on God. Later in the day Pastor Jeff Erlemeier gives all the students a Bible lesson.
I decided to go straight to the church/school secretary to get a few lingering questions answered. So Trina McDaniel was willing to answer my questions.

Q- So what are you and the pastors expecting out of the school this first year?
A- The kids will grow spiritually and academically

Q-Some have given harsh comments about the school. What would you say to those people?
A- Every parent wants the best for there children and we just ask people to keep an open heart and mind. We are just doing what we think is best for our children.

Q-How does the academics of Victory Christan School compare to HCHS?
A- All the children are set at an independent pace. If they are doing well then they will move on but if they don't they will stay on the lesson they are on till they master it. We offer the same classes Harlan does. History, Math, Science, English, Art, P.E., Music, Ext. Plus we have Bible classes to.

From the sounds of it Victory Christian School sounds like a great alternative to public school. Though some believe it to be a one year test run, Victory Christian is well on its way to a place right next to the public schools. I personally want to encourage an open mind about the school. This has been Kelsey McDaniel with HCHS school news with a piece on The Victory Christian School.

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