Friday, November 20, 2009

Teenage Drinking-----by Jake

There is a lot of peer pressure when it comes to under aged drinking. Yeah other kids might make fun of you because its ’’cool’’ to drink under age but just don’t listen to them. They will find out how fun it is when they get caught. Going to the cop shop, getting a MIP, and having to go to a drinking class.
One of the leading causes that makes kids drink is there parents. They think that if my parents can do it then I can to but, you still can’t. Its still against the law. So if the kids have parents that drink it will probably make it easier to find and get alcohol. Kids that drink at a young age are more likely to end up as alcoholics. Some kids drink just to have fun, but others do it to take there mind off of things.
Alcohol is a drug that targets the central nervous system that relieves tension and depression in your body.
Parents need to talk to their and set a good example for them. You have to tell them clearly that it isn’t right to do.

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