Friday, November 20, 2009

Harlan Highschool Traditions by Dylan Garrison

So this year all the football players took part in “no shave November.” From the name you can already tell what it means. The football players do not shave their facial hair at all. There have been many upset girlfriends with this tradition. Once we make it to the dome all the football players get crazy haircuts, that is one of the Harlan cyclone traditions.
Many of the football players got their haircuts on Wednesday. Some of them were really funny, like Derrick Schwartz. His haircut had some sunglasses and a handlebar mustache so when he turned around I thought it was someone looking at me. Marcus Streit also had a weird hair do. He shaved half of his head and face, eyebrow and all.
Brian Kloewer “right” got a Michael Jordan sign shaved on top of his head.
Mark Langenfeld got pink dread locks in his hair that looks pretty good.
Another tradition is the skits that the teachers do on the send off. This has been going on for many years. You would have to ask Mrs. Kluver about how long this has been going on.
I thought the skit was pretty good with Mr. Bladt dressed up like a woman and all. All of the teachers rhymes were really good that they made up about the players, specially Brian Kloewer’s.

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