Friday, November 20, 2009

Third Time's a Charm

After the last two years being upset in the third round play-offs by the Heelan Crusaders, the Harlan Cyclones have made it to the Uni-Dome. After beating Heelan in the third round play-off game, Harlan students ran out onto the field to congratulate the Cyclones on their victory because they now know that this means the trip to the Uni-Dome has finally arrived. “Why is it such a big deal to go the Uni-Dome,” you might ask. Well, the first trip to the dome is semi-finals in the championship, which was played against Carroll last Monday. Upon winning that game, Harlan will be making their second trip to the dome tomorrow to play Pella in the finals. If we win that game, we’ll be declared Sate Champions!

Earlier today, the Cyclone boys got a send-off assembly in the gym as a farewell and good luck kind of thing. They left today to go practice at the ISU campus to prepare themselves for tomorrow’s game. They will practice, eat, relax, and head out for the dome around nine o’clock tomorrow morning. The pep-bus will leave Harlan around 11:15-11:30 to go to the dome. The team has worked very hard all season to get to this point, and want to come out on top with the championship. If we don’t come out with the win, we should still all be grateful that we made it that far, and keep a good positive attitude.

In conclusion, based on our record and the determination of our young Cyclones, I strongly believe that this game will be a win for us. Again, if it’s not, I will still be happy that they made it this far. I know I’ll be going to cheer them on, will you? It’s said that Pella’s defensive line is pretty big, but I think that won’t slow us down much at all. They have a record of 10-3 going against our record of 13-0, so let’s hope we can make that, Pella, 10-4 and Harlan, 14-0 State Champions! Who do you think will come out with the overall victory?

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