Monday, December 14, 2009

Harlan's 12 State Championships

As most of Iowa knows Harlan has one of the best football teams in Iowa, and 12 State Championship titles. People ask all the time what Harlans secret to having such a good team "Is it the water?" is one that you might hear. The answer to Harlans success is teamwork among the players and the coaches. Not to metion the support of the students, parents, and other residents of Shelby County. 11 of those titles were won by Harlans head football Curt Bladt. He has a been a coach for all 12 titles Harlan has earned for football. As coach Bladt once said to his team "I didn't earn those titles you players did, I didn't tackle anyone, I didn't make one pass, I didn't make touchdown you players did and you deserve that title you earned it!". No one player or coach can form a team it takes everybody to create a working team, which is how Harlan has been to the state championship game 20 times since 1972, only two teams in Iowa have been to the playoffs more then Harlan, Emmetsburg and Dowling Catholic, Harlan also has the best record in the play-offs with 81 wins and 18 lodses, Harlan has never lost in the first round play-offs with 30 appearances, Harlan has also had the most state runner ups, 8, also the most consecutive years in the state championship game, 6, 81-86. Harlan also has the best win loss record since 1972 (365-45). By Aaron Sondag

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