Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Nexus One by Tara Benner

Do you think Google would ever make its own phone? If you said no, think again, because that is exactly what is up next for the internet giant.

Google Inc. has been busy designing their first phone for the past two years. They have been working with multiple hardware and electronic companies to make sure their phone can compete with the other leading phone companies, such as Apple. Google has announced that their phone is close to being done and will be huge competition for Apple and other leading electronic brands, which is getting them a tad “ticked off”.
Google’s phone, The Nexus One is set to be out sometime next year. Some of the phone’s features include a touch screen, similar to that of the iPhone, along with buttons across the bottom of the phone. It also includes a feature called “Google Voice” which is an internet, calling, and routing service. The phone also includes an internet feature which, unlike Verizon and every other phone company, will operate through television signals.

The Nexus One was manufactured by HTC, which also built the first Android phone, T-Mobile's G1 phone. Google has not yet stated if they will be partnering up with a cell phone carrier or just operating freely. If they were to be under control of another cell phone carrier, two options are in mind; T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless. AT&T will most definitely not be the one to distribute Google’s pone because they already have Apple’s iPhone and have reportedly argued with Google over regulatory issues regarding their phone. "Google could still miss the iPhone mark, but at least they have a chance of making a phone that everyone wants, which would then make it attractive for developers,” Sam Altman, chief executive of Loopt Inc., stated about Apple and Google’s dispute.

For now, there are no images yet posted of the Nexus One (the one above is Apple's iPhone), nor is the exact date of the phone's release. All is certain is that Apple better hold on tight to their iPhones, Google's Nexus One might be some serious competition.

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