Thursday, March 4, 2010

Facebook vs Myspace

Facebook or myspace? Which one is better? Personally I have accounts for both. There are good features for both so it’s hard for me to choose.
I think Facebook is better if you want to stay in touch with friends and keep up with the latest gossip. It is a very social website. It allows your voice to be heard and your opinions put out there. You may comment people on their thoughts and quotes and even make it noticed that you like it. Facebook also makes it very easy to find old classmate that you haven’t seen in forever and to stay close to family members that live out of town. Not only do people get on to communicate with friends and catch up but a lot of people play games on there. Games such as the popular Farmville, Happy Aquarium, and Super City, all in which people can connect to other players and help each other on with the games.
Myspace on the other hand has great qualities too. Myspace allows people to be more creative. On myspace, you can customize everything from the background of your page or adding your favorite songs. Myspace is also known for discovering a lot of talented people such as music artists, Colby Callait, Soulja Boy, Lily Allen and Sean Kingston. It allows people to discover new bands and keep up with their favorite artists. Another thing that is nice on myspace is on the status you can post your mood. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s nice to let people know how you are feeling.
There are some big down falls for these websites though. For Facebook some include things like not being as creative and being able to customize your profile. Uploading your pictures on Facebook can be a pain too if you do not have the right software. If your software isn’t up to date it makes you upload only five pictures at a time (Which takes forever!). Another thing that can be a problem on Facebook is that even if you keep your page private, it’s still very easy for strangers to access your information.
Some disadvantages for myspace include things such as problems with pedophiles, spam issues and there have been many reports on cyber bullying. They has been many cases in which teens get picked on so much by their peers online that they go as far as committing suicide.
So which one would you rather. The very social Facebook or the unique creative myspace? Feel free to tell share your opinions and even stories. =]

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