Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Senioritis (The Silent Killer) by Victoria Thomas

As the end of the year nears, more and more seniors are beginning to experience senioritis. What is senioritis you ask? Well, the Urban Dictionary describes senioritis as ‘a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors.’ A crippling disease? Yes and a killer to grades. Is the disease contagious? Of course; any student slacking off in class has fun, which rubs off on the students around them. Symptoms often include repeated absences, lack of studying, and excessive wearing of ugly sweatpants.
Many students don’t feel the need to try at schoolwork anymore, and can’t get their mind off of graduation. Most seniors who get the disease do not know how to cure it, or don’t care to. Senioritis is most commonly caused by stress, among many other school issues. The disease sometimes shows up after an individual has been accepted into college. This student feels as if they no longer have to try, because all their after high school plans are all laid out. Seniors do not realize that colleges can still reject them. They begin to feel tired, bored, and annoyed of the routine. They begin to realize that most of their important tests are over, and that they no longer need to gain high school level knowledge. Another cause is senior festivities such as prom and ‘Senior Survivor.’ These activities free seniors’ minds, and let them relax.

Professionals say that the only known cure to ‘senioritis’ is to receive your diploma. What do you think? Do you think you can beat the disease? Or will you be doomed to procrastinate in school for the next few months?

If you are experiencing senioritis, please, don’t hesitate to speak to a counselor, a friend, anything! There is help for you! Senioritis can be a fun thing to experience, but there is also a serious side to it, as sometimes it will lead to a student trying drugs/alcohol for the first time. Seriously, if you notice one of your friends starting to fall behind, or think about doing something unintelligent, talk to them, see if they need help.
Do not let the disease go unnoticed. If your friends are slacking off in class, give them a little punch, whip them into shape. Senioritis is killing America. Our kids are getting lazier and lazier towards spring. We must prevent senioritis. Many teachers may try to kill the disease, but it is not up to them, it is up to you, the senior. Good luck in beating this widely spreading disease, and farewell.

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