Monday, April 19, 2010

Boy's Tennis Lose to Carroll Kuemper

The HCHS boy's tennis team hosted the Carroll Kuemper Knights on Monday, April 19th and lost 1-8. "Even though we lost today, we competed with one of the best teams in the Hawkeye 10. There were six matches that we lost with a score of 7-10 or better. Had we won a few more points here or there, the meet could have turned out differently," Coach Chad Bruns said. The lone win of the night came at #4 singles where Willie Henrich defeated Matt Berg 10-5. "I thought Willie played great! He got up early and just kept the pressure on his opponent," Bruns added.

Here are the individual scores:

Varsity(1-4 on the season)


1. Nate Pattee(2-3) lost 3-10 to Nate Greteman
2. Nate Ohms(2-3) lost 9-11 to Michael Hoyt
3. Mitch Gross(2-3) lost 7-10 to Kent Henderson
4. Willie Henrich(3-2) won 10-5 over Matt Berg
5. Nick Petsche(1-2) lost 7-10 to Johnny Steffes
6. Dan Ohms(1-4) lost 9-11 to Michael Nichols


1. Gross/N.Ohms lost 9-11 to Greteman/Berg
2. N. Pattee/D. Ohms lost 5-10 to Hoyt/Henderson
3. Petsche/W. Henrich lost 8-10 to Hicks/Michael Greteman

JV Scores(1-4 for the season):

JV lost 2-9.


1. Ryan Henrich lost 3-8 to Luke Rohe
2. Riley Finn won 8-5 over Lucas Slattery
3. Jon Kaufman lost 5-8 to Chad Heimen
4. Zach Lefeber lost 3-8 to Jonathon Hoagland
5. Dillon Kramer lost 4-8 to Michael Greteman
6. Austin Euchner lost 1-8 to Brandon Bolt


1. Ryan Henrich/Zach Lefeber won 8-2 over Slattery/Hoagland
2. Riley Finn/Jon Kaufman lost 8-9(6-8) to Rohe/Heimen
3. Dillon Kramer/Joe Arenston lost 1-8 to Nichols/Boldt

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