Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HCHS Boy's Tennis Lose 4-5 to Glenwood

The HCHS boy's tennis team lost another close meet(4-5) at Glenwood on Tuesday, April 20th. The Cyclones were down 2-4 after the singles competition and had to sweep doubles to win the meet. The Cyclones won two of the doubles matches but were unfortunately not able to win the third. The meet came down to the final match of the night and Ryan and Willie Henrich could not quite pull it out, losing 6-8.

"Even though we lost, we are progressing as a team and are playing much better. We have been competing very well the last several meets," Coach Chad Bruns said. "I was once again, very pleased with Willie Henrich's performance in singles today. His confidence is really growing right now and is hitting the ball very well," Bruns added. "

"Mitch Gross and Nate Ohms played just a great doubles match today. They were trailing most of the match and had to fight off 4 match points before finally winning the match in a tie-break. It was a great match to watch. I also thought that Nate Patte and Nick Petsche played extremely well in their doubles match. This was the first time they played together so I was very impressed," Bruns said.

Here are the individual scores:

Varsity(1-5 on the season)


1. Nate Pattee(2-4) lost 7-10 to Grant Nikseresht
2. Nate Ohms(3-3) won 10-7 over Chowin Tryajinda
3. Mitch Gross(2-4) lost 5-10 to Dillon Stane
4. Willie Henrich(4-2) won 10-4 over Ryan Hansen
5. Nick Petsche(1-3) lost 3-10 to Grant Stivers
6. Ryan Henrich(0-3) lost Bryce Lup


1. Gross/N.Ohms won 9-5(11-9) over Nikseresht/Tryajinda
2. N. Pattee/Petsche won 8-1 over Stane/Stivers
3. R. Henrich/W. Henrich lost 6-8 to Hansen/Lup

JV Scores(1-5 for the season):

JV lost 2-5.


1. Riley Finn lost 3-8 to King
2. Jon Kaufman lost 4-8 to Hembry
3. Zach Lefeber lost 0-6 to Hackett
4. Dillon Kramer lost 3-6 to Cronk


1. Riley Finn/Jon Kaufman lost 5-8 to King/Hembry
2. Dillon Kramer/Joe Arenston won 6-4 over Sowers/Umberger
3. Lefeber/Euchner lost 2-6 to Cronk/Hackett

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