Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I signed up for mentoring my first semester of my senior year by asking the guidance office. It was simple to get me signed up-- we took my 7th hour study hall and matched it up with a time that an elementary teacher was looking to get some student help. Because I don't drive myself to school, it was easiest to find a teacher at West Ridge so I could just walk there. Soon, I was signed up to work for Mrs. Angel's 7th grade class.
My experience with mentoring has been incredible. Each day, I arrive at the class and work where I am needed. 2nd graders are at the best age, and they adored getting to work with a high schooler. I made some great bonds, and plan on inviting them all to my graduation party.
I don't know if this has been every mentor's experience, but for me, Mrs. Angel has been such a relaxed leader. If I had too much homework or was sick, all I had to do was email or call and say that I could not make it in. I realized that the kids were waiting on my arrival, so it was important to let them know when I couldn't show up.
Mentoring gave me added priveledges and benefits-- I was able to attend their elementary holiday parties (for which I made each of them some holidays gifts) and Mrs. Angel was a great referrence when applying for scholarships. Mentoring has given me a chance to solidify what I had previously suspected-- I want to work with kids! I love the idea that just a smile is enough to influence their growing lives, and mentoring has helped me to see that I would be good working with children for life.
I would encourage anyone who is interested to volunteer. Currently, mentoring is worth a quarter of a credit per semester, but I know that most people would volunteer their time without the credits. Have you ever mentored or considered mentoring? What has your experience been like? Commment on this blog; I'd love to hear your stories!

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