Thursday, May 6, 2010

HCHS Boy's tennis Defeat Red Oak 5-4!!

For the third time in roughly twenty years, the HCHS boy's tennis team beat Red Oak in a tennis duel. "This is the third time in my twelve years coaching that we have beaten Red Oak," Coach Chad Bruns said. "It's just tough to beat them as they are very well coached by Coach Martinez and are always fundamentally sound from top to bottom. They are always at the top of the conference in tennis so it is an honor to beat them," Bruns added.

The meet was tied 3-3 after singles. "Nate Ohms, Willie Henrich and Nick Petsche played extremely well in their singles matches," Bruns said. "I was very proud of Nick today. He has had his ups and downs this season but played his best tennis of his career today and showed what he is capable of in the future.."

The meet came down to doubles. After losing the #1 doubles, the #2 and #3 doubles teams both came from behind to win in two very tight matches. "I was very pleased with our #2 and #3 doubles teams," Bruns said. "Both were down and looked almost out but both teams found a way to win. I was very proud of them and our entire team today!"

Here are the individual scores:

Varsity(5-6 on the season--Final Record)


1. Nate Pattee(4-7) lost 1-10 to Pete Walker
2. Nate Ohms(8-3) won 10-3 over Craif White
3. Mitch Gross(4-7) lost 7-10 to Matt Goracke
4. Willie Henrich(8-3) won 10-6 over Dylan Andersen
5. Nick Petsche(4-5) won 10-4 over Geoff Sellers
6. Dan Ohms(5-5) lost 4-10 to Dakota White


1. Gross/N.Ohms lost 4-10 to Walker/Goracke
2. N. Pattee/Petsche won 11-10(7-5) over C. White/D. White
3. W. Henrich/D. Ohms won 11-9 over Andersen/Sellers

JV Scores(5-5-1 for the season):

JV won 6-3.


1. Ryan Henrich lost 7-9 to Dain Ellis
2. Riley Finn lost 3-8 to Brandon Bruce
3. Jon Kaufmann won 8-2 over Justin Marsden
4. Zach Lefeber won 8-3 over Caleb Williams
5. Joe Arentson won 9-8(7-5) over Nat Mcharg
6. Austin Euchner won 8-5 over Theron Pace


1. R. Henrich/Finn lost 8-9)3-7) to Ellis/Bruce
2. Kaufman/Lefeber won 8-0 over Marsden/Williams
3. Arentson/Euchner won 9-8(7-3) over Mcharg/Pace

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