Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HCHS Boy's Tennis Finish 7th at H-10 Tournament

The HCHS boy's tennis team got 7th place at the Hawkeye 10 Tennis Tournament on May 10 and 11. "We were one point away from fourth place so overall we did well," Coach Chad Bruns said. "Unfortunately, we lost some close matches that could have pushed us to fourth place. I was very pleased with Mitch and Nate's third place finish at #1 doubles and also Dan and Nick's 5th place finish at #2 doubles. They played very well all day." Nate Pattee and Willie Henrich also got points for the Cyclones at #1 and #2 singles, respectively.

2010 Hawkeye 10 Boy's Tennis Tournament Results:

Team Standings:

1. Carroll Kuemper-30 points
2. Atlantic-22
3. Denison-19
4. Glenwood-15
4. Red Oak-15
4. Lewis Central-15
7. Harlan-14
8. Shenandoah-9
9. Clarinda-5
10. Creston-0

#1 Singles Tournament:

Pigtail Match--Nate Pattee won 10-1 over Ryan Weber(LC)
1st Round--Nate Pattee lost 2-10 to Pete Walker(RO)
Consolation 1st Round-Nate Pattee won 8-6 over Ross Farwell(Clarinda)
Consolation Final-Nate Pattee lost 6-8 to Mitch Lieferman(Atl)

Nate Pattee got 6th place.
The #1 Singles champion was Tim Fricke(Shenandoah)

#2 Singles Tournament:

Pigtail Match--Willie Henrich won 10-2 over Adam Bochart(Creston)
1st Round--Willie Henrich lost 5-10 to Blake Huber(LC)
Consolation 1st Round-Willie Henrich lost 6-8 to Logan Sump(Clarinda)
Consolation 7th/8th--Wille Henrich lost 6-8 to Geoff Sellers(RO)

Willie Henrich got 8th place.
The #2 Singles champion was Johnny Steffes(CK)

#1 Doubles Tournamnet:

1st Round-Mitch Gross/Nate Ohms won 11-9 over Philip Keairnes/Ryan Petersen(Den.)
2nd Round-Gross/N. Ohms lost 2-6, 1-6 to Nate Greteman/Michale Hoyt(CK)
Consolation 3rd/4th-Gross/N. Ohms won 8-4 over Dillon Stane/Grant Stivers(Glenwood)

Mitch Gross and Nate Ohms got 3rd place and were seeded 3rd in the tournament.
The #1 Singles Champion was Greteman/Hoyt(CK).

#2 Doubles Tournament:

Pigtail Match--Dan Ohms/Nick Petsche won 10-2 over Sam Bradley/Zach Aucker(Clarinda)
1st Round--D. Ohms/Petsche lost 8-10 to Jay Hildreth/Chet Wilson(LC)
Consolation 1st Round--D. Ohms/Petsche won 8-4 over Ryan Hansen/Bryce Cap(Glen.)
Consolation 3rd/4th--D. Ohms/Petsche won 8-1 over Dylan Anderson/Dakota White(RO_

Dan Ohms and Nick Petsche got 5th place.
The #2 Doubles champions were Matt Berg and David Hicks(CK).

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