Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HCHS Boy's Tennis Lose to Carroll Kuemper 0-9

The Cyclones boy's tennis team lost to the Carroll Kuemper Knights 0-9. "It was a tough night for us", Coach Chad Bruns said. "Kuemper is probably the best team in the conference and just played outstanding. We need to move on and just continue to improve our hitting consistency."

The Cyclones are now 2-3 for the year.

Varsity Singles

1. Nate Ohms lost to Nathan Greteman 2-10
2. Willy Henrich lost to Michael Hoyt 4-10
3. Nick Petsche lost to Matthew Berg 1-10
4. Riley Finn lost to Johnny Steffes 2-10
5. Jacob Petsche lost to David Hicks 1-10
6. Austin Euchner lost to Lucas Slattery 0-10

Varsity Doubles:

1. Ohms/N. Petsch lost to Greteman/Hoyt 2-10
2. Henrich/Finn lost to Berg/Hicks 3-10
3. J. Petsche/Euchner lost to J. Steffes/Robbie Steffes 2-10

JV lost 2-8 and are now 1-3 on the season.

JV Singles

1. Alex Schanben lost to Kenan Schrad 1-6
2. Jordan Good lost to Michael von Erdveck 3-6
3. Matt Stessman lost to Mitchell Behrens 2-6
4. Josh Buman defeated Connor Ludwig 6-4
5. Joey Hansen lost to Matt Irlbeck 2-6
6. Cody McKinley lost to Tanner Lemmon 2-6
Alex Schanben defeated John Seidl 6-2

JV Doubles

1.. Jordan Good/Alex Schaben lost to Hoagland/Boeckman 2-6
2. Matt Stessman/Josh Buman lost to Ludwig/Van Erdveck 1-6
3. Joey Hansen/Cody McKinley lost to Brinkman/Fricke 0-6

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