Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HCHS Boy's Tennis lose to Lewis Central 1-8

With two varsity players missing today, the HCHS boy's tennis team struggled against a good Lewis Central team, losing 1-8. "It was a tough day for us with Nick and Jacob Petsche not playing. We moved two JV players(Alex Schaben/Matt Stessman) up to play at #5 and #6 while Austin Euchner moved up two spots and Riley Finn one spot. Add all of this together along with LC playing very well, explains why we struggled today," Coach Chad Bruns said. "This happens sometimes and you just have to role with it and hope people play their best".

The Cyclones are now 2-2 for the year.

Varsity Singles

1. Nate Ohms defeated Ryan Weber 10-5
2. Willy Henrich lost to Blake Huber 7-10
3. Riley Finn lost to Brett Vanderpool 8-10
4. Austin Euchner lost to Luke Norville 0-10
5. Alex Schaben lostto Weston Morgan 2-10
6. Matt Stessman lost 0-10 to Michael Kirchner

Varsity Doubles:

1. Finn/Henrich lost to Huber/Vanderpool 6-10
2. Ohms/Euchner lost to Weber/Norville 5-10
3. Schaben/Stessman lost to Morgan/Kirchner 2-10

JV lost 2-7 and are now 1-2 on the season.

JV Singles

1. Jordan Good lost to Colton 3-6.
2. Josh Buman lost to Logan Morada 0-6
3. Joey Hansen lost to Brinkman 0-6
4. Cody McKinley lost to Fricke 0-6

JV Doubles

1.. Jordan Good/Josh Buman lost to Rogness/Lear 3-6
3. Joey Hansen/Cody McKinley lost to Brinkman/Fricke 0-6

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