Thursday, April 19, 2012

HCHS Boy's Tennis Defeat Shenandoah 5-4

The HCHS boy's tennis team traveled to Shenandoah on Thursday, April 19 and defeated the Mustangs 5-4. 

"We won our fourth 5-4 meet of the year today which shows that our team has a lot of fight when matches are close " Coach Chad Bruns said. "Winning close matches and meets will only benefit us going forward."

Nate Ohms, Nick Petsche, Riley Finn and Keenan Finn won in singles while Nate  and Trey Lansman once again got HCHS' last win sealing the meet. "I am very pleased with how we are playing in singles right now for the most part, Coach Bruns added. "Trey and Alex have been struggling a bit but just need to keep their heads up and keep improving. The big area we need to get better as a team is in doubles so that is what we will focus on more in practice in the coming days and weeks."

The HCHS Varsity team is now 4-3 for the season.

Varsity Singles:

1. Nate Ohms defeated Jacob Holmes 10-5
2. Nick Petsche defeated Trent Turney 10-3
3. Riley Finn defeated Bradley Young 10-2
4. Trey Lansman lost to Kyle Fischer 3-10
5. Alex Schaben lost to Ryan Niccoli 10-11(2-7)
6. Keenan Finn defeated Austin Feller 10-5

Varsity Doubles:

1. Petsche/R. Finn lost to Holmes/Turney 2-8
2. Ohms/Lansman defeated Young/Fischer 8-6
3. Schaben/K. Finn lost to Niccoli/Feller 4-8

JV won 6-2

JV Singles:

1. Austin Euchner defeated Josh Milley 6-1
2. Jordan Good defeated Tyler Meyer 6-3
3. Matt Stessman defeated Kevin Hansen 6-1
4. Josh Buman defeated Brandon Duster 6-2
5. Joey Hanson lost to David Edds 4-6
6. Zach Wingert lost to David Edds 1-6

JV Doubles:

1. Euchner/Good defeated Miley/Meyer 6-0
2. Stessman/Buman defeated Hansen/Duster 6-1

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