Friday, April 20, 2012

HCHS Boy's Tennis Defeats Audubon 9-0

For the first time this season HCHS won a meet that was not 5-4, winning convincingly, 9-0. "I am very pleased with how everyone played and glad that everyone won today, especially Trey and Alex since they have been struggling in singles" Coach Chad Bruns said. "We have had a lot of very close meets this year so it was nice to get a big win."

The HCHS Varsity team is now 5-3 for the season.

Varsity Singles:

1. Nate Ohms defeated Sudan Francois 10-2
2. Nick Petsche defeated Heath Irlmeier 10-1
3. Riley Finn defeated Bradley Nissen 10-1
4. Trey Lansman defeated Sean Card 10-1
5. Alex Schaben defeated Sam Dreyer 10-2
6. Keenan Finn defeated Shawn Hemmingsen 10-0

Varsity Doubles:

1. Petsche/R. Finn defeated Francois/Dreyer 10-3
2. Ohms/Lansman defeated Irlmeier/Nissen 10-2
3. Schaben/K. Finn defeated Card/Hemmingsen 10-2

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