Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2012 H-10 Conference Boy's Tennis Tournament Results

Team Results:
1. Glenwood-25
2. Red Oak-22
3. Harlan/Lewis Central-16
5. Creston-15
6. Denison/Kuemper-13
8. Atlantic-8
9. Shenandoah-7
10. Clarinda-10
I was very pleased with our third place finish. Everybody on the team contributed points which is what one of our goals was as a team going into the tournament. Everybody played hard and played well throughout the day. I am very proud of the team's performance and it will no doubt give us confidence going into Distrcits.
#1 Singles-Nate Ohms-#2 seed-Got 2nd place(7 points)
1st Round-defeated Ryan Hansen(Creston) 10-1
2nd Round-defeated Mitch Lieferman(Atlantic) 4-6, 6-1, 6-2
Final-lost to Pete Walker(Red Oak) 1-6, 1-6
I thought Nate played very well today. He played excellent in the final two sets against Mitch and then, once again, ran into Pete. Nate continues to struggle against Pete, who is an outstanding player. If we face Pete again, Nate needs to go in thinking he can win, which I believe Nate can do.
#2 Singles-Nick Petsche-#1 Seed-Got 3rd place(6 points)
1st Round-defeated Mitchell Behrens(Kuemper) 10-5
2nd Round-lost to Ryan Hansen(Glenwood-#4 seed) 6-7(5-7), 4-6
3rd/4th Place-defeated Mitch Kinsey(Denison) 8-1
I was very pleased with Nick's play today. He played very well even in the loss to Ryan, who is a very good player. It was nice to see Nick bounce back after the semifinal loss, which was a tough loss for him, to get third place.
#1 Doubles-Riley Finn/Trey Lansman-Not seeded-Got 8th place(1 point)
Pigtail round-lost to Austin Lear/Mason Brinkman(Lewis Central) 6-10
Consolation 1st Round-defeated Kyle Fischer/Bradley Young(Shenandoah) 8-2
Consolation 2nd Round-lost to TJ Pauley/Riley Sondag(Denison-#4 seed) 5-8
7th/8th pace-lost to Austin Lear/Mason Brinkman(Lewis Central) 4-8
#2 Doubles-Alex Schaben/Keenan Finn-Not seeded-Got 7th Place(2 points)
First Round-lost to Grant Stivers/Jake Rhodes(Glenwood-#1 seed) 3-10
Consolation 1st Round-defeated Austin Feller/Ryan Nicholi(Shenandoah) 9-8(7-4)
Consolation 2nd Round-lost to Michael van Erdewyk/Ben Hick(Kuemper) 6-8
7th/8th Place-defeated Logan Marada/Brendan Johnson(Lewis Central) 9-7
I am extremely proud of Alex and Keenan play today. They hustled and played good tennis today playing their best in in key situations.

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