Sunday, April 7, 2013

HCHS Boy's Tennis Lose to Abraham Lincoln

HCHS boy's tennis lost 0-9 to a very good Abraham Lincoln team on Friday, April 5th. "We have a lot of work to do to be able to compete with teams like AL," Coach Chad Bruns said. "We need to keep our heads up and just look to improve our individual and double's games as we go throughout the season," Bruns added.

HCHS travels to Lewis Central on Tuesday, April 9th and hosts Audubon on Thursday, April 11th.

Harlan Varsity(1-2 for the season)

     1. Trey Lansman lost to Kyle Crowl 1-8
     2.   2. Jordan Good lost to Ryan Koontz 2-8
     3.   3. Keenan Finn lost to Jacob Ragland 7-9
     4.   4.Gabe Ferry lost to Aaron Valdivia 5-8
     5.   5.Josh Buman lost to Cole Ragland 3-8
     6.   6.Joey Hanson lost to William Connelly 5-8

     1.   1.Good/Finn lost to Crowl/Koontz 0-8
     2.   2.Lansman/Ferry lost to J. Ragland/Valdivia 4-8
     3.   3.Buman/Hanson lost to C. Ragland/Connelly 6-8

JV Singles(1-1 for the season)

    1.    1.Derek Leinen defeated Jackson Cole 6-3
    2.    2.Zach Wingert lost to Keowa Coleman 4-6
    3.    3.Jordan Gaul defeated Joe Northrup 6-4
    4.    4.Nick Clark defeated Kevin Brannigan 6-4

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