Thursday, April 16, 2015

HCHS Boy's Tennis Defeat Audubon 6-3

The HCHS boy's tennis team evened their season record to 2-2 with a 6-3 victory over Audubon on Thursday, April 16. "This win is exactly what we needed," Coach Chad Bruns said. "We are an inexperienced team so a win like this where everyone played well will help boost our confidence in future matches. It was also great to see the JV team get a win tonight as well."

The Cyclones won four out of six singles matches and two out of three doubles matches. "I was very happy to see all our players play well in singles today, even in the two losses," Bruns added. "Isaac played very well and it was a huge win for him as he has been struggling early in the season thus far. I thought Michael also battled and played his best match of the year as well at the #4 seed. Kaleb and Josh also continue to play well and get wins for us at the #5 and #6 seed. And finally, even though Josh and Nolan lost, I am very proud of how they fought and played today. Josh was down 2-8 but then won four of the last six games against a very good player. Nolan's match lasted over two hours and he had a couple of match points as well. It was just a lot of fun and bit stressful to watch."

Next week, the Cyclones travel to Carroll Keumper on Monday, April 20, host Glenwood on Tuesday, April 21, and also host Shenandoah on Thursday, April 23.

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz won 10-0 over Bradley Nissen
2. Josh Cheek lost 6-10 to Kalisa Ndamage
3. Nolan Heese lost 10-11(5-7) to Shamus Card
4. Michael Reuschenberg won 10-5 over Shawn Hemingsen
5. Kaleb Kaster won 10-2 over Dustin Mennenoh
6. Alec Plagman won 10-0 over Kyle Polson

Varsity Doubles:

1. Isaac Stitz/Josh Cheek lost 7-10 to Nissen/Ndamage
2. Nolan Heese/Michael Reuschenberg won 8-4 over Card/Hemingsen
3. Kaleb Kaster/Alec Plagman won 10-0 over Mennenoh/Polson

JV Singles:

1. Eric Rivera won 7-5 over Logan Holmes
2. Wil Beach won 7-6(8-6_ over Jonah Kitt
3. Mark Douget won 7-5 over Logan Holmes
4. Joey Fields lost 1-6 to Jonah Kitt
5. Bryan Hanson won 7-5 over Daniel Schneider

JV Doubles:

1. Wil Beach/Eric Rivera won 6-4 over Kitt/Schneider

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