Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cyclone Boy's Tennis Defeat Thomas Jefferson 9-0

The HCHS boy's tennis team evened their record on the year by defeating Thomas Jefferson of Council Bluffs 9-0.

"It was great to see everyone win their singles and doubles matches today," Coach Chad Bruns said. "While we still have a lot of room for improvement, getting early wins in the season is great for confidence which is extremely important in tennis."

The two close matches of the meet were at #3 and #6 singles. In the #3 singles match, Josh Cheek built an early lead only only to fall behind 5-7. His opponent(Jayden Steele) had two match points but Cheek was able to fight back and win. At #6 singles, Caleb Rasmussen fell behind 2-6 only to rally and win 9-7. "I am really proud of Josh and Caleb today. They didn't play very well throughout their match, but they never quit and battled back to win. Both were great wins and will help both of them going forward,"  Bruns added.

The Cyclones host Dension on Thursday, April 6th and St. Albert's on Friday, April 7.

Listen to Coach Bruns' KNOD Radio Report

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz defeated Nick Tallant  8-0
2. Alec Plagman defeated Tyler Belt  8-2
3. Josh Cheek defeated Jayden Steele  9-8(7-5)
4. Kaleb Kaster defeated Alex Lakei  8-0
5. Jonny Cheek defeated Ryan Woolsoncroft  8-4
6. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Nate Newton  9-7

Varsity Doubles:

1. Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman defeated Nick Tallant/Jayden Steele  8-2
2. Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster defeated Tyler Belt/Ryan Woolsoncroft  8-1
3. Jonny Cheek/Caleb Rasmussen defeated A;ex Lakei/Nate Newton  8-2

Overall Record: 1-1

JV Singles:

1. Joey Fields lost to Gramt Merk 4-6
2. Bailey Schmitz defeated Jared Thompson 6-3
3. Jack Buman defeated Jesus Solorio 6-0
3. Lucas Schmitz defeated Tucker Rowe 6-0
5. Bryan Hanson lost to Macarthy Sivard 5-6
6. William Funke lost to Tim Ginn 3-6
Jack Buman defeated Anthony Arenus 6-0
Lucas Schmitz defeated Derek Duel 6-1
Bryan Hanson defeated Byron Parker 6-0

Overall JV Record: 2-0

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