Wednesday, April 19, 2017

HCHS Boy's Tennis Lose a Close One to Glenwood

The Harlan Community boy's tennis team lost a heartbreaker on Tuesday, April 18 to the Glenwood Rams 4 matches to 5. Seven of the nine matches were within three games and really could have gone either way.

"After a disappointing meet at Kuemper, we really played great tennis today against one of the best teams in the conference," Coach Chad Bruns said. "Even though we lost, we were really close to winning this meet and everyone played well and gave their best which is all you can ask for."

The three singles matches that got away from the Cyclones were Alec Plagman, Josh Cheek and Jonny Cheek. Alec had match point in the tiebreaker while both Josh and Jonny were up 7-4 and just couldn't out their opponents away at the end. "This meet was a lot of fun to watch as both sides played great tennis and the tightness of the matches made it very intense at the end," Bruns added.

The Cyclones are now 4-4 on the season . The Cyclones host Shenandoah on Thursday, April 19th.

Listen to Coach Bruns radio report here.

Varsity Singles:

1. Isaac Stitz lost to Alex Chekal 3-10
2. Alec Plagman lost to Sam Lauritsen 10-11(8-10)
3. Josh Cheek lost to Adam Konfrst 9-11
4. Kaleb Kaster defeated Kris Mintle 10-8
5. Jonny Cheek lost to Carter Benson 9-11
6. Caleb Rasmussen defeated Josh Ruth 10-8

Varsity Doubles:

1. Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman defeated Sam Lauritsen/Adam Konfrst 10-7
2. Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster  lost to Alex Chekal/Kris Mintle 5-10
3. Jonny Cheek/Caleb Rasmussen  defeated Carter Benson/Josh Ruth 10-7

Overall Record: 4-4

JV Singles:

1. Joey Fields lost to Kyle Campbell 1-6
2. Bailey Schmitz defeated Nick Bahr 7-6(7-4)
3. Jack Buman defeated Cody Meyers 6-4
4. Lucas Schmitz defeated Grant Wickham 6-0
5. Bryan Hanson lost to Calvin Little 1-6
6. William Funke lost to Tanner Maxwell 2-6

JV Doubles

1. Joey Fields/Bailey Schmitz lost to Kyler Campbell/Cody Meyers 4-6
2. Jack Buman/Lucas Schmitz defeated Nick Bahr/Grant Wickham 6-3
3. Bryan Hanson/William Funke lost to Calvin Little/Tanner Maxwell 1-6

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