Sunday, September 30, 2007

Halo 3 Launches!

Halo 3, one of the most anticipated games of all time, hit stores Tuesday September 26 and blew people's minds with its amazing online game play and its spectacular campaign. The campaign mode had an excellent story and great online 4 player coop. The story from the beginning was action packed and delivered thrills all the way through, making you wonder what will happen next. The fights against the covenant were incredible and the beautiful graphics only made the game seem more realistic. And to it all an epic ending. The multiplier online is the most addicting things that a person could experience online. It has the coolest weapons and maps that really make a bang. The new game modes only add to the fun. Also if don’t want to play a certain map, you can veto and the computer will make another one for you. Overall Halo 3 is the game that true gamers must have. If you loved the first two, the third one only adds to the Halo storyline and the multiplier experience. This is the game that all gamers have been waiting for. A few factos on the Halo series, the series was made by Bungie Studios. The first 2 Halo games were for the Xbox and PC, but Halo 3 is exclusively for Xbox 360. You play as Master Chief, who is a cybernetically enhanced super soldier. The series takes place in the 26th century and is between the Humans and the Covenant which is a group of multiple alian spiecies. Also Master Chief has to fight the Flood who are driven by a desire to infest sentient life they encounter, the final enemy is the brutes who are basically Chewbaccas (Star Wars Character) only evil and bigger. This is a report from Brent2 and Luke2.

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