Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr. Broomfield addresses problem at Merrill by Alex Gettys

Do you remember going to Cyclone football games when you were in elementary school? Were you the kid that was always seated with your parents, contently watching the game, or were you one of the kids always running around, playing a game?

Recently, Bob Broomfield, Superintendent of Harlan Community Schools, sent out an informative letter to the parents of New Park and West Ridge Elementary students concerning the running around taking place mainly on the south end of the football stadium. While Mr. Broomfield was very pleased with the outcome of the first home football game against Cyclone rival Sioux City Heelan, he wasn’t overly happy with the “free-for-all” on the south end of the football stadium.

A view of the south end of the stadium where kids often gather to play games.

You may ask, what is wrong with the kids just running around, playing football, and having a good time? One of Mr. Broomfield’s responsibilities as superintendent of the schools is to take precautions to ensure the safety of our students. Playing football and other potentially dangerous games isn’t exactly safe alone, but playing these games without any adult supervision is another story.

As you can see above, the south end of the stadium isn't very visible from the stands, which makes it even more difficult to monitor.

Often times, elementary parents just drop their kids off at the door, expecting them to be supervised by others at public events, but according to Mr. Broomfield, “We don’t have the manpower or desire.”

Above, an example the the running around going on at football games.

At the request of Mr. Broomfield, he asks all parents with children in grades kindergarten through fifth grade to please “be seated in the stands any time the football team is on the field.” He also understands that “trips to the restroom or concession stand may need to occur, but those trips need to be rare as possible.”

“We are fortunate to attract large crowds to our games, and those who are there to watch the game do not appreciate lots of little Cyclones continuously running around during the game,” Mr. Broomfield states, “It would be better if the children stayed with their parents, but if that is not the parent’s preference, we do ask that they be seated when the team is on the field.”

Below, a view of the beautiful Merrill Field.

At the next home game, which is Friday the 18th, Mr. Broomfield and other members of the community are hoping to see improvement upon this issue. Now that it has been addressed, it will hopefully become less of a hazard and disturbance to those trying to enjoy the game.

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