Monday, April 9, 2012

HCHS Boy's Tennis Lose 0-8 to Abe Lincoln

The HCHS tennis team traveled to Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln on Thursday and lost 0-9. "A.L. has a very strong team. We need to hit much more consistently if we want to be able to compete with the best teams we face this season," Coach Chad Bruns said.

Varsity Singles:

1. Nate Ohms lost to Adam Crowl 0-8
2. Riley Finn lost to Ryan Koontz 3-8
3. Trey Lansman lost to Jordan Peterson 0-8
4. Alex Schaben lost to Jacob Rogland 2-8
5. Keenan Finn lost to Evan Giles 2-8
6. Austin Euchner lost to Jacob Kalstrup 0-8

Varsity Doubles:

1. Ohms/R. Finn lost to Crowl/Peterson 0-8
2. Schaben/Lansman lost to Koontz/Rogland 3-8
3. Euchner/K. Finn lost to Giles/Kalstrap 5-8

JV lost 4-5 and are now 1-2 for the year.

JV Singles:

1. Jordan Good defeated Chris Moreno 6-0
2. Matt Stessman defeated Connor Runyan 6-3
3. Joey Hanson lost to Sam Wilder 3-6
4. Josh Buman lost to Brice Johnson 3-6
5. Zach Wingert lost to Connor Gann 5-7
6. Preston Burris lost to William Connelly 3-6

JV Doubles:

1. Good/Stessman lost to Wilder/Gann 0-6
2. Hanson/Buman defeated Johnson/Keowa Coleman 6-3
3. Wingert/Burris defeated Connelly/Jack Weis 6-3

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