Friday, April 29, 2016

HCHS Boy's Tennis Defeat Clarinda 9-0

The HCHS boy's tennis team hosted the Clarinda Cardinals on Tuesday, April 26 and won the meet 9-0. The Cyclones are now 7-4 on the season.

"We continue to play very good tennis and I am happy to see everyone win in singles and doubles today," Coach Chad Bruns said. "The key for us is to keep working hard to improve our weaknesses between now and the post-season. There is a lot of parity in the Hawkeye 10 this season so the tournament should be very interesting."

The regular season ends at home against Red Oak on Thursday, May 5th with the Hawkeye 10 Conference Tournament on Monday, May 9th at Red Oak and the District Tournament at Carroll on Thursday, May 12th.

Listen to the radio report here.

Varsity Singles:

#1 Isaac Stitz won 8-4 over Jacob Brooks

#2 Alec Plagman won 9-7 over Dallas Latham

#3 Michael Rueschenberg won 8-1 over JD Hitt

#4 Nolan Heese won 8-2 over Tyler Luckado

#5 Josh Cheek won 8-0 over Owen Smith

#6 Kaleb Kaster won 8-0 over Alex Best

Varsity Doubles:

#1 Isaac Stitz/Alec Plagman won 8-4 over Brooks/Hitt

#2 Michael Rueschenberg/Nolan Heese won 8-4 over Latham/Luckado

#3 Josh Cheek/Kaleb Kaster won 8-1 over Smith/Best

JV Singles:

Eric Rivera lost 3-6 to Max Harrington
Joey Fields won 6-3 over Storm Howard
Jack Buman lost 3-6 to Joe Wulbecker
Bryan Hanson won 6-3 over Caleb Johnson

JV Doubles:

Eric Rivera/Joey Fields won 7-5 over Harrington/Howard
Jack Buman/Bryan Hanson lost 2-6 to Wulbecker/Johnson
Jack Buman/Bryan Hanson won 6-2 over Johnson/Isaiah Bylerly

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